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My Interview with Brian Viglione

I emailed Brian before they came to the Mountain Winery to play with the Barenaked Ladies. We already had tickets. I’m a life-long Violent Femmes fan, am in awe of Brian’s drumming, and my 11-year-old son’s also a drummer and … Continue reading

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Give Me Gin or Give Me Death – My Interview with East Bay Ray

I really wanted to incorporate “Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables” into the title of this interview since it’s, well, a food title but could not come up with a spin that was appetizing. So, Give Me Convenience or Give Me … Continue reading

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Baby It’s Cold Outside – My Interview with Olga Nunes

Three years ago, I was going to San Francisco to see Jason Webley perform. Olga Nunes was going too. A perfect opportunity to interview her! It was rainy and cold. A pretty big storm was coming through. We met at … Continue reading

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We Ate in New York City – My Interview with Sxip Shirey (Sasabune, New York, NY)

We were in New York City for a family event. Neil Gaiman has been telling me for I don’t know how many years now to go to Sasabune so I made sure I got reservations while we were there. My … Continue reading

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Jason Webley – We Eat While the Rain Crashes Down

I met Jason for sushi at Ozumo in Oakland on a rainy, rainy Tuesday before a “secret” show he had just announced at a venue that was closing called 21 Grand. It was a place dear to his heart as … Continue reading

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The Impossible Girl and Impossible Amounts of Food – My Interview with Kim Boekbinder

Kim Boekbinder is one half of the bewitching Vermillion Lies and is currently recording a solo album. Her voice is unique, her talent amazing. I fell in love with her music when I saw Vermillion Lies open for Amanda Palmer … Continue reading

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KFJC Interview: Rocket J. Squirrel and Chantrelle

One day my lovely friend who DJs at KFJC discovered my site and asked if I wanted to be on the radio with her. SURE! I said. So I went, we talked, we had a blast and here’s the transcript:Rocket … Continue reading

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The French Laundry Revisited – With Mark Van Name!

It’s been six years since my first trip to the French Laundry. I’d heard rumors that Thomas Keller had spread himself too thin, opening too many restaurants, too many projects, that the French Laundry had slipped and wasn’t as good … Continue reading

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Something More Besides Food – My Interview with Cowboy Junkies’ Alan Anton

I had such a rock star week. It began with seeing Tori Amos two nights, one of which was from front row center seats. It continued with catching up with Neil Gaiman and meeting Amanda Palmer, and immediately leaving them … Continue reading

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One Question for David Sedaris

David Sedaris appeared at our local bookstore over the weekend promoting When You Are Engulfed in Flames. He is so funny and such a good speaker I wanted to set up an interview with him. I contacted his publicist but … Continue reading

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The Food is Warming, My Chef is Sautéing

How does Tori Amos play 127 shows in 185 days, 6 shows a week for 9 months? Well, by somehow being a superhuman goddess is one guess. The more true-to-reality answer though is by taking a talented chef on the … Continue reading

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If You Need Me, Me and Neil’ll be Hangin’ Out at the Sushi Bar

Neil and Chantrelle When Neil Gaiman was on tour for American Gods last year, I caught up with him at TechTV in San Francisco. We made a “date” to have sushi when he returned to the Bay Area. On July 2nd this … Continue reading

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