Seared Tuna on Sushi Rice

I could eat like this every day…assuming someone could get me sushi-grade fish every day!

Serves 2:

1 lb sushi-grade tuna
1 cup sushi rice
1T seasoned rice vinegar
toasted black sesame seeds
nanami togarashi
sesame oil

Cook the sushi rice. While still hot, mix in seasoned rice vinegar. Stir in 1T toasted sesame seeds.

Grate radish. Julienne cucumber. Dice avocado.

Over high heat in a non-stick or cast iron pan, add a thin layer of canola oil. Salt tuna steak and shake on the desired amount of nanami togarashi (an even thin layer is good). Sear until 1/8-1/4? is cooked. Salt other side and flip, searing the same on this side too. Drizzle with a little sesame oil.

Remove from heat, slice and serve on top of rice with the cucumber, radish and avocado.

Add soy sauce as needed to serve.