I Don’t Always Drink Coffee, but When I Do….


My husband roasts his own coffee beans and I’ve become enamored with Costa Rican beans. He ventures all over the bean planet (not actually, just in what he drinks) so I try things from lots of the coffee-countries and I’m partial to Central America and reallllly don’t like most everything from Africa. We finally figured out why. I don’t like dry processed coffee. I’m ok with honey-processed but really prefer wet-processed. I tried a honey-processed bean from Africa and it wasn’t half bad!

I only drink coffee once every couple of weeks as a treat when I need to get a lot of work done because it makes me crazy…I seriously cleaned our kitchen floor with a dental tool after a mocha….but when I do, I appreciate the wonderfully freshly roasted beans from a region I love stirred into a high-quality hot chocolate or poured over a scoop of a yummy ice cream.

If, for whatever reason, we don’t have any coffee roasted, we’ll pop down to Verve. They’re the only local roastery whose coffees have the same characteristics to the ones from our garage.