Christmas 2012We had Christmas at about 5 different houses this year. Bouncing from family to friends and back again. We wanted to have Christmas day at our own house though. So since we’d already made the rounds, we extended and invite … Continue reading

Hardcore Thanksgiving 2012This year’s hardcore adventures were a little more low key than usual. My husband got in a motorcycle accident at the end of September and, although tremendously lucky, severely injured his left foot and, after 9 weeks, still isn’t walking … Continue reading

Outstanding in the Field – Pie RanchThis has been sitting in my drafts since December. *Sigh*. I figured I’d better put this up before the next round of Outstanding the Field tickets go on sale! The previous two OITF dinners were amazing. We went to the … Continue reading

Hardcore Thanksgiving 2011The rains came early this year. We were having porcini in October and early November. We knew we wouldn’t be finding pounds when we showed up to our regular spots on Thanksgiving. And we were right. We found three, sad, … Continue reading

Backwoods GourmetThere’s no reason not to eat well when you’re camping. I packed my CSA and garden veggies, chicken and eggs up and hauled them to Lassen National Park for a weekend camping trip. Before we left I cut the chicken … Continue reading

The elusive black trumpetThe trumpet is a trickster. It hides, disguising itself as a leaf shadow. You can be looking at a hillside covered in leaves and see nothing. Then, you find one trumpet! Score! After that you realize there are many more … Continue reading

A hunting we will goI have a hard time just hiking. Hiking to me is like an easter egg hunt.  I rarely look up, I rarely even look at the path, my eyes are always scouring the hillsides and duff. Unfortunately, I usually don’t … Continue reading

A Handful of Black TrumpetsI went for a hike, knowing there was a chanterelle patch in the area but really not wanting to find any. I’m done with those for the year (I found two anyway, even though i wasn’t looking for them!).  I … Continue reading

Unexpected Chanterelle DinnerThis was not a planned mushroom hunt. I went on a hike with my son’s kindergarten class and stumbled upon a nice little patch of chanterelles. I told the teachers I’d catch up and piled the shroomies into my sweatshirt! … Continue reading

Hardcore FoodPorn Season ContinuesI went to a friend’s house yesterday and we went for a walk. Found this beautiful, HUGE, bolete and one other she kept…She was gracious enough to let me take this one home. Just so you know, that knife is … Continue reading

Chantrelle’s Thanksgiving Weekend ContinuesAs I pointed out in my last article, we were a bit late for porcini season this year. But not so late that we didn’t get any at all. We had a couple of beauties! On the first night we … Continue reading

Chantrelle’s Thanksgiving DayWe head up to Mendocino every Thanksgiving. We’ve been going up for about 10 years. The purpose of the trip is to crawl through the woods looking for fungus. Some years it’s quite successful. Other years, not so much. This … Continue reading

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