A hunting we will go

I have a hard time just hiking. Hiking to me is like an easter egg hunt. I rarely look up, I rarely even look at the path, my eyes are always scouring the hillsides and duff.

Unfortunately, I usually don’t have my real camera with me either. So the photos are less than perfect but these lovely little fungi were just popping through the green moss (is that moss?) that was growing on the hillside. I don’t know what it is but I never find trumpets on flat land, it’s always somewhere that I have to perch precariously on a hillside and try not to slide all the way down it!

I did pretty well yesterday. Enough for this weekend’s frittata at least!


I cooked up the black trumpets the same way I did last time but had many more to savor today!

Black Trumpets

I put them in olive oil with one small minced clove of garlic over medium heat and let them cook off their water.

I think the best way to enjoy trumpets, or really any tasty wild mushroom, is simply on a piece of buttered french bread. Well, I didn’t have any french bread! So atop a frittata they went again.

I don’t know if these are one of my favorites because I get so few of them or not. I’m torn between trumpets and porcini as my favorite. My son said this morning that his favorites are grilled porcini and black trumpets (he’s 5). I think I agree!