Shelter in Place – Day 11 – This Dinner Brought to you by Farm Fresh to You

It was a rough one today. I went to sleep last night super anxious. Woke up pretty depressed. It was one of those days where I felt like I could cry at the drop of a hat and just wanted to crawl under a blanket. I woke up to the email that the 42nd Annual Ramayana production (the longest running production in the western hemisphere) at our school is cancelled. I knew that already. It still really bummed me out to see it in “print”. It is a magical event both figuratively and, really, literally: dragons, sorcerers, ten-headed demon kings. Ben’s been in it every year since kindergarten, he’s now a sophomore. They want to come up with a way to produce it in a smaller, less Corvid-19-filled way than in the theater we canceled but I don’t know how we’ll do that. Everything really hit me today. We’re lucky, we have internet jobs and are adults that don’t have a lot that we’re giving up. I feel bad for what my son has to miss. I feel really bad for the seniors that are missing so much more.

So I was in a funk all day. I tried going for a walk which helped a bit but it was windy and cold and it kept threatening rain. It was still absolutely beautiful but was not cheery, or at least I still wasn’t. At one point I got the idea to bake but after 10 minutes of paging through the cookbook I lost interest and curled up on the couch and alternated between reading and playing Wizards Unite.

Sometime in there though, I got lots off food delivered to my doorstep. I got milk, whipping cream, blackberries and avocados from Costco Instacart. I got two chickens from Fogline Farm. And I got my Farm Fresh to You (sign up! and use referral code RZBY4152) box which had all the ingredients I needed to make VIETNAMAZEBALLS!! Lettuce, pork, cilantro, carrots, shallots, radishes. I already had a cucumber and the rest of the ingredients…although *BARELY* enough limes. I just eked by there.

Sadly, we’re out of brownies. My teenager agreed to make cookies tomorrow but until then, I’ll dig around for something sugary and chocolate tonight. I’ve got to have something.

Everyone is playing D&D now. That’s my cue to watch TV no one else likes.

Tomorrow will be better, right? At least there will be cookies. Oh, and the US just passed China (and the rest of the world) in the total number of coronavirus cases. We’re #1! We’re #1! USA USA!! :(