La Porte des Indes – London

La Porte des Indes
32 Bryantston

I think we managed to find the one unimpressive Indian food restaurant in London. What does everyone say? “Oh, just eat indian, you can’t go wrong…” Well, it wasn’t terrible but I’ve had better Indian in San Jose, CA.

The pickles that showed up to the table first were tasty: Garlic, Chili and also Mango Chutney. We asked for alcohol recommendations (beer and wine). The waiter suggested Pommery Apanage NV and Cobra beer. The beer wasn’t very good but it did save my tongue from the chili pickles! The champagne was good but not nearly cold enough.

Mushroom Lettuce Salad: eh.

Squid in tomato sauce: The sauce was bland but the texture of the squid was absolutely perfect. Not mushy, not chewy, just tender and good. I wish there would have been more spice in the sauce though.

Scallop in Yellow Curry: Super mild curry to the point that it barely tasted like curry. And the scallops seemed overcooked.

Fried Aubergine and Cheese: Also mild but the tamarind sauce was so incredibly good. I wish I could have poured that over all the dishes!

Curry Prawns: A much better curry dish that the scallops. It was curry and coconut milk and just excellent.

The food was a french-influenced Indian rather than just Indian so it was not what we were looking for but at least our server was wonderful, Thanks Basant! :)