Flounder with Mustard Greens and Raita

So, I’d a made my fish and couscous dish enough times now that I felt I needed to move on. I still bought some wonderful, local flounder at the farmers market and like the preparation of it dusted and semolina and pan fried but it needed to be reworked. I was losing interest.
I picked up some mustard greens, which I don’t usually buy and I’m not sure why. Dinosaur kale is really my favorite so it was my go-to green. I changed it up this week. I started by sautéing some shallots, then adding garlic and the mustard greens. I sprinkled about a tablespoon of red wine vinegar into that and about a cup or pre-cooked lentils (1/2 cup dried; I’d made lentils the night before and had some left over).

While that was cooking down, I chopped up half the cucumber (I took out most of the seeds) and blended it with a cup of plain yogurt and a minced garlic clove, lemon juice, salt, and a dash of cayenne pepper.


I prepared the fish the way I typically do. I dusted it with salt, pepper, and semolina flower and fried in butter.

To plate I put a mound of the mustard-lentil mixture, placed the fish on that, and then poured the raita mixture on top.

It turned out great!