is Turning 10! Recipe Contest!

Contest is closed! I will begin cooking the recipes and announce the winner when I’ve tried them all. Thanks for playing!!

In honor of’s 10 year anniversary (June 6th) I’m holding a recipe contest. Not just any recipe, you have to cook something I like. Here are my restrictions:

No bell peppers
No beets
No cheese of any kind
No olives (olive oil is more than okay!!)
As far as meat, only seafood, beef, or chicken

I’m not a baker so if you choose to do a dessert, be aware that I’m not big on liking to measure things! (A word of advice, you’re more likely to win with something I don’t have to bake)

If it is something sweet:
No licorice (or anise)
No coconut
No amaretto

I will make all the recipes submitted to me, following every detail as much as possible. They will be judged by me and, if I need help, my husband and friends. This is in no way an objective contest, you are vying for the love of my taste buds. I am a super taster, they are picky.

Deadline for recipe submission is Tuesday, June 9.

Winners will receive one item of their choice from the FoodPorn store. I will notify winners as soon as I’ve made it through all the recipes. The date will depend on how many submissions I get. Include your e-mail address with your recipe (since you will be e-mailing me the recipes, that will be easy).

Send them to

In my best Padma voice, “Your time starts…NOW!”