Lillian’s Italian Kitchen

Lillian’s Italian Kitchen
1116 Soquel Ave
Santa Cruz, CA 95062

You can’t throw something in Santa Cruz without hitting an Italian restaurant it seems. Ristorante Avanti, Lucio’s, Limoncello, La Posta, all favorites of mine. I was looking for a simple lunch today and remembered that Lillian’s was open for lunch so decided to finally check it out.

Lillian’s isn’t like any of those. It’s more casual, more like something maybe from Little Italy. Granted I was there for lunch and I’ve heard they’ve got some items on their dinner menu that are must-haves. I got the lunch special which is a cup of soup and a half order of one of their pastas. The soup was Pasta Fagioli, cannellini beans, chard, just a hint of heat. I devoured it and mopped up the bowl with my French bread. Quite tasty!

And since I wanted something just basic and simple, I got the Penne Arrabiatta. It had a good amount of heat but not so much to destroy my taste buds. I would have added a little more salt and fresh basil (there was fresh basil on top but not enough to get some in every bite). But overall it was a good dish, I didn’t leave much!

I need to go back for dinner and not by myself so I can try more dishes. But all in all a very good lunch special and I walked out of there paying only $10! You don’t find that very often these days.