Gargantuan Reed Avocados

I don’t think I’d ever seen a Reed avocado before. I’m pretty sure I’d remember. I bought one for $5. Yes, just one. It was about the size as an infant’s head!! I made a batch of guacamole out of it for four of us and we couldn’t finish it there was so much. It mashed up into a much creamier dip than the typical Haas avocado does. If you can find them, it’s worth the splurge. They really aren’t far more expensive than a typical avocado since you get so much from one (I’d say mine was equivalent to about three regular size avocados). They should still be available now but I think their season is short.

This is what I would consider a small Reed next to a large Haas. I, unfortunately, didn’t get a picture of the GARGANTUAN Reed before hacking it into guacamole bits.