What I’m Thankful For

I could do a whole, “I’m thankful for my family and friends” post but, let’s face it, this is FoodPorn! You don’t care about that stuff. It’s about the food.

I’m thankful for:

My meal at the French Laundry

Farmers Markets

Fresh fish

My tastebuds having decided to like sausage and salt-cured pork

Wild mushrooms

Being able to pick fresh herbs from my garden

Being able to pick tomatoes from my garden in the summer

The weather here that lets me have a year round garden

Wine…Ridge and Kermit Lynch, you are my friends

My husband’s homebrew

My son love of anchovies and sardines (and olives, capers and salumi)

For Neil Gaiman opening the door for me to do Celebrity interviews (I’ve met amazing people!)

Not being allergic to anything except turkey and that’s minor (even at Thanksgiving)

Being taught to mushroom hunt so I can enjoy backwoods-gourmet meals

My grandpa teaching me how to keep a knife sharp (he was a butcher)

Whoever thought to put bubbles in water

Wine (yes, twice)

Planning trips around restaurants even if they are sometimes disappointing

Having people come to this site and allow me to blab at you about my tastes!!

Thank you!

Have a great holiday meal, eat well, hopefully locally, with people you love. The food tastes just that much better when surrounded by love.