Time for a Garden Update!

Chives and Mint

The spring hasn’t been much of a spring. Cold, wet, wintery days with a few days of sun scattered in there. We’ve been less than thrilled with it but most of my plants have been obviously happy with the rain. Now that they are huge and leafy, I hope it warms up so everything can ripen!

Mandarin Tree

Mandarin Tree - recently moved to a new location and much happier!

Apple Tree

Apple Tree - It will need thinning again this year for sure

Sage and Marjoram

Sage and Marjoram - Everything is flowering! It's pretty but I need to cut it all back

Thyme and Peas

Thyme and Peas

Tomatoes, Carrots and Lettuce

Tomatoes, Carrots and Lettuce - Carrots are finally getting big enough to pick, they take forever!

Chives and Mint

Chives and Mint - a small hanging basket just to add more growing room

Parsley and Habanero

Parsley and Habaneros - A new experiment, I think they'll take the heat


Strawberries - they got too much water in the rain, hopefully they'll be ok


Basil - just getting started

Asian and Bartlett Pear trees

Asian and Bartlett Pear trees - they are very happy this year


Hops - already passing the roofline and getting confused!


Blueberries - I hope it warms up so they ripen!