Abstract Table – Oakland, CA

Abstract Table
2123 Franklin St
Oakland, CA 94612
(818) 585-9152

Popup in residency? I guess that’s what Abstract Table is. It’s living in GastroPig in Oakland. It’s just open (for now) on Friday and Saturday nights. The food is divine. The service is wonderful–full disclosure, I found this place because I know a kid who’s a server there–ok, he’s not a kid, he’s in his 20s but I knew him in high school and I’m old so he’s still a kid. The menu is set: 5 or 7 courses, but they’ll accommodate whatever your issue are. Vegetarians? Not a problem. Gluten-free? Don’t worry, millennials, they’ll feed you.

We got the 7 courses because, duh. Everything was fabulous and they’re using techniques and ingredients that are completely foreign to me. The theme was Blizzards so there was a lot of “snow” sprinkled on food. Did you know there are purple sweet potatoes? Yep, and you can make them into snow and dust them on soba. Who knew?

The wine list is short but pairs well. We stuck with sake for all but the last two courses. The sake tasted like daikon. Completely. It was the oddest thing but I loved it.

I ate beets and they weren’t gross and I had goose for the first time and it was super yummy. That probably made it where every other goose served to me will never live up. I liked every course but my mind kept going back to the first. The mussels in bacon dashi. It wasn’t overly smokey or overly bacon-y, it was a perfect balance.

We had the pleasure of sitting next to the chef’s mom and wife. They were so much fun. At first I was worried because what if the food sucked? How awkward would that be?! But it didn’t so we totally didn’t have to lie. :D

We need to find a free weekend so we can go back. Our son would love it and he didn’t get to go with us. Now…for that free weekend…hmmm…