Sue’s Indian Cuisine – Mountain View, CA

Sue’s Indian Cuisine
216 Castro St.
Mountain View, CA 94041
If I don’t go to Sue’s once a week, I get grumpy. You can imagine my state of mind after a month of being under a deadline at work which had me eating at my desk instead of getting my Bengan Bharta fix!!

Sue’s is a simple setting, the walls are festooned with paintings by Sue, one of which I love! It’s to your right as you walk in the door and it’s of a woman making, I think, nan. It’s purple and red and I want it in my kitchen :)

I’ve never been for dinner I’ve just gorged myself on the lunch buffet for $7.95. It’s a steal. I tend to fill my plate with the same thing ever time I go but they force change upon me by changing items in their buffet quite often. I get rice, Bengan Bharta, Dahl, Palak Paneer, Tandoori Chicken and whatever else looks interesting. Oh, and a must for me is cucumbers with Raita because I also ask for their pickles…Lime pickles…oooh they hurt, they make my tongue numb after a few spoonfuls, that burn doesn’t go away…but ooooh they’re soooooo gooooood. Indian food isn’t complete without them. If I don’t get the raita my mouth is on fire for hours, the yogurt cools it down just enough to eat more!

If you find yourself in Mountain View, Sue’s is a must…heck, take a special trip just to eat there!