Shanghai 1930

Shanghai 1930
133 Stewart St.

To be blunt, I wasn’t impressed. Although the size of the check was quite impressive!

We had Veggies served in a fried noodle bowl, Fried whole fish in a slightly sweet-and-sour-like sauce, Peking duck (I’m not a fan of duck so this wasn’t my thing), Egg rolls…all these were good but nothing to freak out over. My favorite dish was a spicy/sweet/sour prawn dish served with leeks. That dish was well balanced, full of flavor and was totally different than any other dish we had. The chicken in a garlicky oyster sauce was quite good also; the chicken was very moist and tender.

The other dishes we had really weren’t very remarkable.

The dessert was a mango sorbet and a fried crepe filled with red bean paste, it was fine.

They need to find a new coffee distributor because when that’s the last thing you have with the meal, it should be good. It wasn’t.

Shanghai 1930 isn’t a bad restaurant by anymeans. If the prices were $5.95 per dish, it would be a fantastic chinese restaurant. They’re not and it’s not worth the price or the parking hassle.