Engfer Pizza Works – Santa Cruz

537 Seabright Ave.
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
The West coast just doesn’t really have good pizza…or I should say it didn’t. I’m a California girl, born and raised, but I’ve had pizza in New York and they know what’s up! I’ve settled for the left coast’s tries at pizza my whole life, therefore I’ve never been the biggest pizza fan. But one night a friend suggested this new place that opened up across from Linda’s and behind the Seabright Brewery. Ok, fine, I feel like some comfort food and pizza and beer will hit the spot.

I was assuming I would get a mediocre beer and a doughy, oily pizza-like thing. But was I wrong! We arrive and the first thing I see? A wood-fired oven! A real, coals-in-the-oven itself, real pizza oven! This is a good sign. Second thing I see? Anderson Valley Barney Flats Oatmeal Stout ON TAP! Big “barely-legal-foodporn” points there. I’m a big fan of pesto on pizza and one of my friends is deathly allergic to tomatoes so that always works out. We order the Pesto-licious: Pesto, red onion and feta.

We sit down and, hey, our table is a checkerboard…that keeps the kids occupied. I also got a salad that was fresh, organic and had the perfect amount of balsamic. Then I really start absorbing my surroundings. The walls are actually refrigeration units full of every drink you could hope for: from root beer to 40s of bud (ok, novel, but not drinkable!), milk to a nice bottle of Chardonnay. Help yourself and add it to your tab. We didn’t make it into the other room but if you’re bored, pass the time playing ping-pong!

The moment of truth: pizza time. Looks like a nice crispy crust…the toppings aren’t covered in oil…Looks like a pizza…and tastes like real pizza! I should have savored it…instead I scarfed my portion down, it was just so tasty!

I did leave room for dessert though. There is an icebox full of the classic ice cream treats: bonbons, ice cream sandwiches, push-ups…this is just fun!

Not only did I leave happily stuffed, I had a good time. Engfer’s has a great atmosphere, is run by really nice people and is the best place to get pizza I’ve found :)