Sushi Tomi – Mountain View

Sushi Tomi Restaurant
635 W Dana St
Mountain View, CA 94041

I discovered Sushitomi when I worked in Mountain View just a few blocks away. Unfortunately, I found it just a few weeks before our office moved to San Francisco. I had been on a search for good sushi in downtown Mountain View and had failed for a year. Then we went out for a department lunch at this little place that, from the outside, didn’t look like much but once the food was served I knew I’d be coming back.

Well, I now have to go out of my way to get there but it’s worth it. The latest Sushitomi visit was due to a friend visiting from New Mexico. We were arranging a place to get sushi, I suggested Sushitomi and she quickly got very excited because when she used to live in the area she was a regular there and missed it.

My friend ordered a bottle of Soju which I had never had before. It’s basically a cross between Sake and vodka. To be honest, it’s a little strong for me but it sure looks cool in a shot glass with a quail egg floating in it! They brought the quail egg perched beautifully atop a little mound of wasabi. If you want to try Soju, make sure you get the kind made from rice and not sweet potatoes…bleh!

It has become my habit to order the chef specials. This time I ordered the extra fancy nigiri plate. I’ve done that before and was not disappointed. And it exposes me to various imported fish that I wouldn’t necessarily know to pick off of the menu. To be totally honest, I don’t exactly know what I ate. There were some standards: hamachi, ebi, sake. Then there were the ones I thought I could identify as mackerel and scallop but it turns out the mackerel was something I didn’t get the name of but it was great (I know that’s no help is it?!) and the scallop was octopus!! It was so tender I never would’ve guessed.

I need to keep looking for excuses to go to Mountain View for sushi. I love this hidden gem.