Sushi Groove South – San Francisco

Sushi Groove South
1516 Folsom St
San Francisco, CA 94103

This is our new pre-Slim’s-show dinner. You could easily miss it if you don’t have the address and aren’t really looking for it. Just keep an eye out, you’ll find it. Slip past the thick curtain over the entry and excellent fish and sake awaits.

Hamachi sashimi, never a disappointment. Waloo nigiri I’d never tried and it was a buttery, yummy experience. Sake nigiri, a silken, and beautiful slice of salmon.

The sake, we ordered Ozeki Karatamba, is served in martini glasses so don’t get confused like I did and not think it’s your drink! I’ve yet to have anything here that I didn’t thoroughly enjoy.

It also makes me quite proud that the last time I went was with a friend of mine who hadn’t had sushi and doesn’t like fish but she was really open to trying new things. It turns out she likes raw fish, just not cooked or “fishy” fish. Yay! Sushi for all!