Outstanding in the Field – Route 1 Farms

The first event of the year. Route 1 Farm is just a little way up the coast from Santa Cruz. We left our house when it was sunny and hot. We got 3 blocks from our house and it was socked in fog and freezing. I was numb by the end of the night but full and happy! A great start to the season. Just like last year, the Fogline chicken was the highlight of the evening. So incredibly good that I took a picture of an empty plate!

Route 1
Fennel frond cracker with salmon and pickled dandelion
Jim and Leah - The make this all happen
Jeff from Route 1 Farms
Nettle ravioli with pork belly and milk thistle butter
Butter lettuces with beets, prosciutto, ricotta salata and balsamic
The table
Caleb from Fogline Farm
Caleb from Fogline Farm
That was good chicken
That was good chicken
Strawberry dessert
Strawberry tart with lemon verbena and meyer lemon cream