Blood Kiss Cocktail: The Fang Tingler

The Fang Tingler

I was approached by the folks at the Blood Kiss Kickstarter campaign to see if I could do something on the site about the movie project. At first I couldn’t figure out how to tie a Film Noir vampire movie into FoodPorn. I thought maybe I could do an interview with someone associated with the movie but I’ve already interviewed Neil Gaiman and the rest of the crew is in LA, too far away. I don’t cook with blood or make blood sausage so that connection was out.
The Fang Tingler
Then I thought, A DRINK!! The brilliant minds at Blood Kiss brainstormed and came up with the drink name which I love and it inspired the ingredients. I wanted something blood-colored that was sour and sparkly.

Tonight, the project reached it’s goal. Let’s celebrate! Here you have it:

1 ½ oz pomegranate
2 oz vodka
½ oz Blood orange juice (it’s not in season now, I had to use regular OJ)
½ oz lime
½ oz simple syrup

Combine and shake in a martini shaker.

Salt rim of large martini glass with fine sea salt.

Pour the cocktail into the salted glass and top off with tonic to make it sparkly and *tingly*

Now, back the project so the movie can be even better and these can be served at the premier! :)

Oh, also, my son likes these without the vodka and we’ve taken to calling the virgin drink a Tang Fingler :D