Vietnamese Hand Rolls

Vietnamese hand rolls

A couple of weeks ago I was going through my freezer inventory (I finally wrote up a list and keep a clipboard on the chest freezer!) and picked out a whole rockfish to thaw. I pulled out my neighbor, Andrea Nguyen’s, Into the Vietnamese Kitchen and found her recipe for hand rolls. The first night I made it with the fish, more or less like the recipe said. The tamarind sauce was AMAZING. I used more and more in each roll.

A few nights later I was looking for the next thing to thaw. I had a bavette which is basically skirt steak from El Salchichero. I marinated that in soy, cornstarch, sugar and fish sauce, also from Andrea’s book, grilled it for 3 minutes on each side, sliced it against the grain and divided it between our three plates. I didn’t have all the same ingredients from the fish rolls but I did still have rice paper rounds. I made some more of the tamarind sauce of course. I fried some shallots because everything is better with fried shallots. I had some basil, that was lovely. Chopped up some limes, without the rind this time, I left it on the first round and it was toooo hard to chew.

vietnamese handrolls

A third night in the same week I made the same dish with chicken (marinated just like I fixed the beef). And a week later I made the same dish with pork tenderloin. Yes, it is THAT good.

rockfish with scallion oil

This is my favorite quick dinner now. It works for any guest because it’s an assemble-your-own dinner. I use sriracha, my son doesn’t. And, as things seem to be these days, it’s GLUTEN FREE! ;-)