Shelter in Place – Day 5 – I Don’t Cook on Fridays

A friend of mine texted me this morning because she was at the store and they had eggs. YAY! We have some but not enough to make fun stuff. So I got to make brownies! I made some a couple of weeks ago but they were too cakey so I tried a different recipe. I used the one in How to Bake Everything: Simple Recipes for the Best Baking. WAYYYY better. Not cakey, just rich and chocolaty. Besides the fact that when I stirred in the cocoa powder it POOFED all over the counter and floor. D’oh!! But no matter, I now have brownies.

One thing I’m really trying not to do during this time is waste any food. In my fridge I had leftover potatoes and skirt steak. I tossed those together with sliced radishes, fennel fronds, champagne vinegar and olive oil. LUNCH!

Restaurants figuring out how to do take-out in the time of physical distancing is wonderful. Thing is, I don’t cook on Fridays. There are very few rare exceptions. I finish my week and want to collapse with food someone else has made in front of a movie of some sort and a glass of wine. For going on 20 years, the people who have cooked for me on those Friday nights have been at Engfer Pizza Works. My toppings are pesto, red onion and sausage. Tonight I got to call in my order, drive up, and go up to the door that was blocked by a table and accept my pizzas from the people who make the best pizza in Santa Cruz. It was surreal but I took comfort in the little bit of normalcy. Pizza and Movie Night.