Shelter in Place – Day 6 – Biscuits and Pasta and Parasite

Sticking with the waste not want not attitude of our quarantine, we started the day with biscuits made from extra sourdough starter. I’m really digging the recipes on Cultures for Health. Soon to come, tortillas and pasta! The biscuit dough was the absolutely perfect texture. Not too sticky which my regular biscuits tend to be. They were super yummy so we’ll do those again! Along with the biscuits we had omelets with smoked salmon, pesto left over from the fish dish I made the other night, and caramelized shallots. Pretty much all of my favorite things.

We didn’t eat breakfast until about lunch time so I didn’t have to come up with a lunch! That’s convenient. One thing that is coming out of this quarantine is a lot of sleep! My teenager is stoked.

Coming up on dinner time I just opened the fridge and started pulling stuff out. PASTA IT IS! I sliced up an onion and a couple of fennel bulbs and put them in a pan over medium low heat for … a while … time is a fictional construct these days. Eventually they were caramelizing so I threw in some kale and the rest of the ham I didn’t use the other night, cubed. When that all came together, I spooned it over some penne pasta and topped it with some fennel fronds.

I didn’t get this posted last night because when I sat down with the pasta, it was in front of Parasite which everyone’s been telling me to watch. My husband hasn’t wanted to see it and he and my son were building their new characters for an online D&D game with friends so I sat down to watch. Thirty minutes in they were done and he saw part of the movie and then wanted to watch it afterall. LOL! So, since time has no meaning, I just started it over and we watched it together. Turns out, that was a really good movie! Who knew?! Oh, yeah, right, everyone.