Al Gatto Nero – Torino, Italy

Al Gatto Nero
corso Turati, 14
Torino TO
Piemonte, Italy
011 59 0414

Eat here. This was the best meal we had in Europe. I’m contemplating going to the 2006 Winter Olympics in Torino just for the excuse of going to Gatto Nero again.
They love wine, the markup is miniscule and the list is phenomenal.

The pasta really is al dente, now i know what that means. The service is wonderful, like old friends. I love this place…and they are supporters of Slow Food.

We had pressed roe. It was like fish bacon—but that sounds gross— it was fantastic, salty, paper thin, yummmmmmy.

Gatto Nero really is the only reason to visit Torino that we found…oh, and the Egyptian Museum…but I would fly back for the food.