Snapper with Rutabaga Puree and Chard

Snapper with rutabaga puree and chard

Snapper with rutabaga puree and chardMore experimenting with the CSA box contents! The one thing in the box that was a mystery to me, preparation-wise, was the 1/2 dozen rutabagas. I sent out a plea on twitter. I got a lot of good recipes. I decided though, being that I’d never made them before, I wanted to do something simple where I could really taste the rutabaga.

I went to my fish counter and asked my favorite guy “What do I want?” He said the snapper was great that day so snapper it was. This is the simplest dish:

Serves 4.

6 rutabagas, peeled and quartered (or halved depending on size)
2 lbs snapper fillets
1 c. cornmeal
1 bunch rainbow chard
2 cloves garlic
1/2 t. chili flakes
some butter
salt and pepper

Boil the rutabagas for about 20 minutes, until soft. Put them in the food processor and puree until smooth. Add 2-3 pats of butter and zip that into the puree. Set aside (keep warm).

Salt snapper fillets, dredge (coat?) them in cornmeal. I don’t use egg or anything, just the cornmeal. Melt butter in a large pan and fry the fillets over medium-high heat until browned and cooked through.

Roughly chop the chard and put in a pan w/ olive oil and garlic. Cook until soft, adding chili flakes just before it’s ready to pull off the heat.

Plate: a glob of rutabaga puree, snapper on top, chard on the side.

Easy peasy!