Garden Update!

Hop cones

The garden is in full force. So much so that I can’t keep up with it and my CSA boxes! The thing about having a CSA and a garden is that things, you know, grow at the same time!

Kale anyone?
Kale anyone?

Spinach, thyme and marjoram galore!
Spinach, Thyme, Marjoram

The tallest lettuce ever:

The hops have loved the weather this year…rain/sun/rain/sun:

Already getting cones and they have 2 months to go!
Hop cones

Some Braeburns are popping up on our tree:
Braeburn Apples

It looks like we’ll get Asian pears this year too. It didn’t produce last year:
Asian Pears

Some Bartlett pears are forming too:
Bartlett Pears

The blueberries are crazy! Hopefully they all ripen and the birds don’t get them:

Lemon verbena survived the winter and has come back to it’s fragrant self:
Lemon Verbena

Every year we get pomegranate flowers but they never fruit. I think they get too much water here but they’re pretty nonetheless:

It’s been a long wet winter and spring but the plants are really happy to be out of the drought. Everything is beautiful.