Not your typical 4th of July BBQ

We had some friends over for the 4th and wanted to make something nice and fancy but that still had some element of the Independence Day barbecue thing going on. I started with my classic ahi tartare. It’s becoming a bit of a signature dish for me, it’s always good and everyone loves it.

Next was a simple salad using some of my CSA bounty: mixed greens (I believe it was escarole and red leaf lettuce) topped with roasted beets, pecans, shallots and balsamic.

Then came the grilling for this epitome of summer holidays. I cut my whole CSA chicken into 10 parts and marinated them in white wine, olive oil and thyme. I grilled it…well, until it was cooked (I won’t give advice on grilling, it’s very subjective!). I served the halved, boneless chicken breasts on top of rutabaga puree and kale. This time the rutabagas were much larger so for 4 servings I only used 2 rutabagas. The proportions are equal to that of potatoes. It’s like making mashed potatoes but more interesting! Just to add some color, I snipped some chives on top.

Tasty tasty!