Potato Pancakes with Smoked Salmon

Potato pancakes with smoked salmon and a yogurt sauce

Potato pancakes with smoked salmon

Shred 2 lbs of potatoes, I used the shredder in my food processor, and one sweet onion. I just picked up some walla walla onions that went well. I also used a combination of white, purple and red potatoes to make these look funky :)

Place the potato-onion mixture in a strainer, salt the mix and let it sit over the sink for a while to draw out some of the water. I let mine sit for, maybe, 30 minutes? Longer is probably better.

Squeeze the mixture in some paper towels and get as much moisture out as you can.

Take a bit of the mixture and make a small patty, place some smoked salmon on top of the patty, then place more of the potato mixture on top of the salmon to seal it inside.

Drop this filled potato pancake gently into a small amount of oil and fry it up until it’s brown and crispy…flip it and brown the other side.

Do this on medium heat so they potatoes don’t brown too quickly or they’ll still be raw on the inside!

Potato pancakes with smoked salmon and a yogurt sauce

I realized right as these were finishing that I needed a sauce for them. I’d just picked up plain yogurt so I just minced a garlic clove, mixed that into some yogurt, added a little cayenne and salt and it was perfect! So simple.