Fishy Fries



I got an email from my fishmonger that they were going to have smelt at the Farmer’s Market. I was bummed, I couldn’t get to the farmer’s market that day. But, luckily, my local grocery fish counter gets fish from the same bay and they had it too! I can’t say enough how thankful I am to live in a place that can get such fresh seafood and produce year round.

I’d never cooked smelt. I wasn’t sure about the whole, “Fry it, head on, guts in and eat it whole” idea but I never should have questioned it!

They were like little fish french fries. I dredged them in a combination of semolina flour and marjoram and fried them in 350° oil until they were browned and then I dipped them in white wine vinegar w/ minced shallots to eat them.