The Kitchen – Before and After (almost complete!)

Kitchen After

The thing that always bothers me about renovation shows and before and after pictures are that they always take the after shots from different angles that the before shots. So, I went through mine and stood in the same spot so you could really see the transformation. I have wanted this kitchen for so long! The only thing not done now is the pantry. It’s still under construction. It will have a lazy susan in the back corner, swing out shelves and custom doors made by our cousins to go with the dining room chairs.

So, here’s the tour:

Kitchen before

Kitchen After

Back Door Before:
Back Door Before

Back Door After:
Back Door After

Right Side Before:
Right Side Before
Right Side After:
Right Side After

Sink/Windows Before:
Sink/Windows Before

Sink/Windows After:
Sink/Windows After

Sink Corner Before:
Sink Corner Before
Sink Corner After:
Sink Corner After

Stove Corner Before:
Stove Corner Before
Stove Corner After:
Stove Corner After

Fridge Before:
Fridge Before
Fridge After:
Fridge After

Pantry Area Before:
Pantry Area Before
No Longer the Pantry Area After
No Longer the Pantry After

Gross Vinyl Floor Before:
Gross Vinyl Floor Before
Gorgeous Marmoleum Floor After:
Gorgeous Marmoleum Floor After

Blind Corner Cabinet Before:
Blind Corner Cabinet Before

Blind Corner Cabinet After:
Blind Corner Cabinet After

Useless Corner Before:
Useless Corner Before
No longer useless, now becoming pantry corner after:
No longer useless, now becoming pantry corner after

Left Side Before:
Left Side Before

Left Side After:
Left Side After

Outside Windows Before:
Outside Windows Before

Outside Windows After:
Outside Windows After

So as you can see it was quite a transformation! We still are finishing up the pantry. The interior should be done this weekend and then the doors need to be made. It’s been a long haul but in the end it is just so amazing! I feel like I’m cooking in someone else’s house!