Around the World on a Sunday Afternoon

Well, maybe we didn’t really go around the world but our afternoon snack was from Italy, our dinner was from Vietnam.

I went to my local market for a days overdue grocery shop. They had a locally grown melon that I, personally, had never seen called piel de sapo or frogskin melon. It is sweet and juicy and perfect for 18 month prosciutto!

I drizzled a little Stonehouse olive oil and ground a bit of pepper on top anad it was delicious!

IMG_20131013_164254 (1)

Less than 2 hours later we were sitting down to pho. I have been playing with the broth recipe for a while now. I originally started with chicken broth. Then I switched to using beef bones. Recently I used pork bones because that’s what was in my freezer and I haven’t gone back. I love the pork broth. Sometimes the beef broth can give off a, not gamey, but very animal-y flavor that I can find off-putting. The pork broth is just rich and flavorful and is my favorite of the three bone options.


My son asked me, “How are you so good at making pho?” I had to remind him of the first few, bland, batches before I started getting the ratios and ingredients we liked worked out. I’m sure if I served this so someone who *really* knows their pho, I wouldn’t pass their test but I’m fine tuning it to our preferences and that’s what home cooking is about, right?!