Outstanding in the Garage – 6 week mark

Prepping Salmon

Making food in the garage actually hasn’t been that difficult. I can’t make anything that has to simmer for a long period of time (I’ll run out of propane) or go into an oven larger than the toaster oven, but other than that, it’s been working.

I made one of our favorites with my CSA Salmon:
Prepping Salmon

Searing Salmon

Making Dashi broth

Serving Salmon, Soba, Dashi

And another night made a quick appetizer of grilled padrons with olive oil and Bali Kechil salt.
Grilled Padrons

I’m still making frittata just about every Sunday with the weeks CSA goodies. Sometimes greens and pancetta, sometimes squash and basil, sometimes all of the above!
Frittata Sunday!

There are nights that I just keep it simple and BBQ. Sometimes steak and onions:
Ribeyes and grilling onions

Sometimes chicken marinated in red wine, mustard, onions and rosemary:
Red wine chicken

One day I got ground pork from my CSA and some nice white fish from my CSS and thought I was making fish soup with pork. Turns out it was pork soup with fish and MAN, was it GOOD! My son would have had the whole pot if we let him but we wouldn’t give ours up!
Pork soup with fish

The hardest part is getting the food from the garage through the sliding door, through our bedroom, down the hall and to the dining room table, then the drinks, silverware, and us before it gets cold! It’ll be nice when we have our kitchen door back.